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Alshifapharmacy as the name itself suggests, is all about caring for your life! We are highly committed around the clock to save your time and hassle of accessing health facilities. It needs no clarification that the healthcare sector of the country is going through rough patches and a lot of people are not able to find suitable medical facilities. Growing population, the upsurge of viral ailments and emergency cases collectively deteriorate the overall healthcare system of Pakistan. Keeping these circumstances into consideration, promises to ease the critical time period of its users in all the potential ways.

There are a number of medical amenities that we provide to our patients. facilitates you in finding a certified and well-experienced doctor, booking an appointment online with one of the specialized doctors of your choice, connecting you to blood donors and help you in finding nearest emergency centers. Patients can also order medicines and lab tests along with free home-delivery and blood sampling. As well, we are glad to proclaim about our new services, which are home care services, book medical procedures and find hospital. These new features will permit you to avail all the healthcare services while staying at your place. For professional consultancy, our users can ask health-related queries from our doctor via our forum.

Last but not least; our digitally-managed platform covers every single feature of the healthcare landscape in Pakistan including clinics, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, emergency centers and multi-media coverage.

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