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Biotin Plus Gummies 30’s (Nutrifactor)



Nutrifactor biotin plus gummies are a top-quality food supplement. It is fortified with biotin which plays a significant role in maintaining hair, skin, and nails. Nutrifactor biotin plus is a combination of biotin and vitamin C; both are essential in regulating different body systems such as regulation of amino acids and fats metabolism. It reduces split ends and stops thinning of hair. It supports the development of healthy and strong nails. Nutrifactor biotin plus gummies also reduces skin’s dullness and dryness.


– Biotin
– Vitamin C


Food supplement, 30 gummies.

Key Benefits

– Nutrifactor biotin plus gummies hydrates and moisturises skin.
– It increases energy levels.
– It improves the texture and quality of hair.
– It makes hair lustrous, strong, and shiny.
– Nutrifactor biotin plus gummies makes nails healthier and stronger.
– It helps in regulating fat and amino acid metabolism.


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