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Ensure chocolate powder milk 400gm


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Ensure Chocolate Powder 400gm is a flavored nutrition powder for everyday health that boosts energy levels and immunity. It is also is recommended by doctors from all over the world. It aims to provide a complete and balanced nutrition for the people who are at risk of developing any disease-related malnutrition8. It helps to gain and maintain healthy weight by stabilizing energy levels and by accelerating the metabolism while causing loss of appetite.

  •     28 vital nutrients needed for the growth and development of body muscles
  •     High-quality proteins that are easy to digest and that aid in rapid building of muscles. They also help to eliminate the fat development
  •     Peptides that increase blood flow to the muscles, keeping them healthy and strong
  •     240 nutritious calories that help in maintaining and balancing the appetite
  •     Vitamins C and E that are antioxidants that help to maintain healthy cells and prevent oxidations and oxidizing agents


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