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Getryl 2MG Tab 3×10


Getryl (glimepiride) is an anti-diabetic medicine
This medicine is indicated for the treatment of diabetes

Getryl medication is a prescribed medication that is composed of Glimepiride and belongs to the medical class of diabetes.

Getryl tablet works by reducing the level of glucose in the blood. This is done by activating the released insulin from the pancreas.


If we discuss the Getryl tablet availability in Pakistan, you can find it almost in every medical store. It is also available in the online medical store. But before you order, make sure that the store belongs to the trusted ones. Getryl tablet price in Pakistan is reasonable and affordable.


Getryl tablet uses are described below one by one.

  • This medication is for the treatment of high blood pressure, which may be caused by insulin resistance.  It is also used to control adequate hyperglycemia control.
  • It is indicated to the patients having hyperglycemia control problems to control or lower the glucose level.


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